Volunteering as a Bell Ringer

Douglas and Ashley volunteer as bell ringers

The ring of the Salvation Army bells is a familiar sound during the holiday season. Douglas Flory had always wanted to volunteer to be a bell ringer, but years ago he had been told that he would never be capable of doing it. This year, he was able to cross this experience off his list.

He and Ashley Appenzellar, an LPN with Mental Health Services, volunteered for a shift as bell ringers outside the local 5 Below store. He was so excited when they arrived and passersby began putting money in the kettle. Although the temperature hovered around 10 degrees, he didn’t complain about the cold. Much to his surprise, two complete strangers bought them coffee.

Volunteering as a bell ringer was a fulfilling experience for Douglas. “I will never forget this day ever,” he said.

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