The Pride of Having a Job

Peter will proudly tell you that he has worked for Swatara Township since 1994, and he will also happily mention that he has volunteered for National Night Out since 2008. He even received a plaque to commemorate five years of volunteer service with the event.

After graduating from high school, Pete was very clear that he was ready to work. He still remembers the assistance he got from his job coach from The ARC of Dauphin and Lebanon Counties. “She was really helpful when I first got my job as a custodian at the Swatara Township Municipal Building,” said Pete. “She helped me learn the job and meet and get to know the other people who worked there. I don’t have a job coach now, but if I have any problems, I know I can go to the head supervisor at Swatara.” 

Pete works part time, five days a week, and takes public transportation to get to and from work. As a custodian, his job responsibilities include vacuuming and polishing the floors, removing the trash, sweeping the steps, maintaining the stock room, cleaning bathrooms, and helping to set up for meetings and events held at the township building. He likes his job and the people he works with. He looks forward to going to work every day. He and his coworkers even get together outside of work. “We all look out for one another,” said Pete.

Having a job makes Pete feel good about himself. He likes helping people, and he has something interesting to do. He enjoys meeting new people, learning new things, and earning money so he can do the other things he wants to do. Someday, when he’s ready, he might want to learn new things to get a better job, but right now, he’s very happy working in his current job.

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