Chris and Samee hugging

SSD Samee Mae Is Amazing

Guest post by Chris K. He and SSD Samee Mae became a working team in October 2012.

Samee Mae is amazing in every way and more. Things were dark for me in many ways after the war. My family could only do so much. They are perfect, but I needed a different kind of friend. One that was so devoted to me that nothing could get between us. Amazing does not begin to cover what Samee is. She is my savior.

Believe me, there are many times after war when you think your life is over. Well, I see it’s not now. Samee knows when a panic attack is coming and makes it so much better. She even lets my wife know when she’s having anxiety and comforts her—just simply amazing. Samee works at full capacity all the time. She never slacks, even though I wouldn’t mind if she did.

I love waking up now, and not sleeping till lunchtime. I lost 10 pounds in only three months. Samee keeps me moving and motivated. She makes everyone smile, always wagging her tail and giving out kisses—Samee kisses, which are a little different than plain dog kisses. Samee was definitely a gift from above. We all love her so much! She is Samee—the best! I love her!

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this happen, especially my family!

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