Anghelina sits at desk in classroom. Other children are seated at their desks.

Dreams of Becoming a Kinesiotherapist

Eleven-year-old Anghelina dreams of becoming a kinesiotherapist so she can help other children with disabilities. She also wants to become a dancer and enjoys listening to music and dancing.

Her dreams are possible because she’s included in her local school with her peers.

When she first began attending school in her village in Moldova, some of the other children’s parents didn’t want her in the same classroom as their children. They believed that children with disabilities should go to special schools rather than be included.

Anghelina’s mother and her teacher worked with the other students and their parents to help them accept Anghelina and stop discriminating against her.

Now she has a lot of friends at school. She’s happy there and enjoys communicating with the other children. After school, her friends visit her house to play and work on their homework together.

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