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All children have the right to education. #InclusionForHer - Two little girls painting

Thank you for joining us for our #InclusionForHer/#InclusivEa campaign to raise awareness about inclusive education, especially for girls with disability. You can continue to amplify the message by sharing from Keystone Human Services International’s Facebook Page, @KHSInternational on Twitter, and Keystone Moldova’s Facebook Page.

Keystone Human Services believes in fostering an environment where all children have equal access to education. But for girls, especially girls with disability, significant barriers exist to school inclusion with their peers. In developing countries, a child with a disability is half as likely to be in primary school as a child without a disability. For girls with disability, this exclusion is even worse.

Without education, girls are denied the opportunity to create a stable, sustainable future for themselves in adulthood. They are more vulnerable to gender-based violence, exclusion, and exploitation. This needs to change.

In the Republic of Moldova, Keystone has been focusing on specialized support for girls with disability for their educational inclusion in typical schools after being moved out of residential institutions and included in the community. Keystone is working to foster an enabling environment for the education of all girls. Keystone Moldova also provides tutoring and educational support of economically vulnerable girls in a village-based child and family center; is piloting strategies to prevent discrimination and bullying in district schools; conducts research related to educational inclusion of girls with disability; and is involved in developing public policy in education.

But much work remains to be done before all girls with disability have their right to education equally recognized, and their inclusion in society fully realized. Any time we as a global society talk about educational opportunities for girls, we need to include girls with disabilities in the conversation. We need to work toward #InclusionForHer, for all girls.

#InclusionForHer - Little girl smiles for the camera

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