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Our Dogs on Campus program provides college students with a unique opportunity to raise service dog puppies and changes the lives of others. Raising service dogs on campus has huge benefits for both the students and the puppies in training. Students gain responsibility and enhance their time management and leadership skills, while puppies are well socialized and enriched by their surroundings as they learn the skills they need to be successful working service dogs.

Susquehanna Service Dogs began Dogs on Campus after seeing the success of having our puppies raised by students at Dickinson College and Penn State University. At Dickinson, our puppies are raised through the Dickinson College Dog House, a student club with a special interest house where students co-raise a puppy in training. Additional student handlers help to train the puppy throughout the week. At Penn State, each participating student receives their own puppy to raise.

Just like any other puppy raiser, students receive a puppy to raise for 15-18 months. They are responsible for teaching the puppies good house manners, basic skills, and specific tasks identified by our trainers, and taking the puppies on lots of outings to new and interesting places. Students must also attend regular puppy classes.

Our Dogs on Campus program is available to students at college campuses within a two-hour radius of our location in Grantville, PA. Each Dogs on Campus program is tailored to best suit the needs of each college campus. We will work with students and college administrators to develop puppy raising programs on campus that best fit the wishes of the students and the structure of the college.

For more information about Susquehanna Service Dogs’ Dogs on Campus program, call 717-599-5920 or email ssd @

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