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Together, we can create environments where all people can grow, make choices, and be valued and contributing members of their community.

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At ceremony, puppy raiser tearfully passes dog to new owner
A volunteer puppy raiser tearfully passes the service dog she raised for two years to the dog's new partner.

“When I retired,” said Mel Brownold, “I was looking for a place to do some good.”

He enjoys working with animals, and that’s how he found Susquehanna Service Dogs, a program of Keystone Human Services. Over four years ago, he began volunteering and has now become a familiar face at SSD.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, he joins other SSD volunteers to work with the dogs in advanced training. They take the dogs on outings to Giant Food Stores, Target, the mall, Chocolate World, and other places so the dogs continue to learn how to work in public.

Susquehanna Service Dogs’ public volunteers play an important role in preparing the service dogs in training to work with their future partners.

“Please don’t thank me. Thank you!” Mel said. “Volunteering for Susquehanna Service Dogs saved my life.”

Like Mel, you can find “a place to do some good” at Keystone Human Services. Join us as a volunteer and help us advance the human spirit of all people. No matter your talents, you can find a meaningful way to contribute here at Keystone.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Chocolatefest
  • ChocolateBall
  • Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community
  • Keystone Golf Tournament
  • Puppy Raiser
  • Puppy Sitter
  • Puppy Hugger

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A profession like no other!

Since 1972, Keystone’s culture has been shaped by our dedicated employees who have demonstrated exemplary passion and talent in “advancing the human spirit” by making a difference with individuals, families, our communities, our team, and our organization.

Who We Are

Keystone Human Services works to create an environment where all people, regardless of ability, can grow, make choices and be valued and contributing members of the community.

What We Do

Keystone Human Services provides community-based services for children, adolescents, adults, and families in the areas of intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health, early intervention, and children and family services. In addition, we provide technical assistance to governments and other organizations to develop frameworks of support for people with disabilities. We also support educational efforts to promote community understanding and awareness of the value and importance of inclusion for all people in all aspects of society. We offer services and supports in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware in the United States, as well as parts of Eastern Europe and India.

Keystone Human Services endeavors to make accessible to any and all users. However, if you are unable to access the online application, please call 717-775-1356

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Support and sustain those who need your help!

Keystone Partnership provides charitable support for the work of Keystone Human Services’ family of organizations. Through fundraising, special events and donations from people like you, we can ensure that Keystone continues to provide programs and services for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism, and those experiencing mental illness or the challenges of aging, as well as national and international children and family services, Capital Area Head Start and Susquehanna Service Dogs.

You have many opportunities to support the work of Keystone.

Give monthly

Before Ty was one year old, his mother knew that he was not developing at the same rate as other children his age. “He would not even look at me,” says his mother.

But after learning that Ty has autism and receiving Early Intervention Services, Ty has made significant progress, and he uses a picture board to communicate. “Now Ty will go up to the wall, take the picture off and hand it to me when he wants a snack. That’s amazing,” says his mother. “I do feel that I’m doing everything I possibly can for Ty, and that’s thankfully because of early intervention and Keystone.” 

Your donations to Keystone Human Services support children like Ty, as well as adults, to live happy, full lives in the community and with their families. By giving monthly, you make donating convenient while ensuring that there is a steady stream of funding to support Keystone’s services for men, women and children with disabilities.

Sign up today to donate monthly and truly make a difference in the lives of children and adults in your community.

Give in-kind gifts
Stock and Mutual Funds
One time gifts of stock or mutual funds are important to our work in the community. Gifts of stock and mutual funds provide Keystone with ongoing operational and endowment funding, which allows us to continue in our mission to create opportunities for growth and meaningful life choices so that all people can be valued, contributing members of the community.
You can donate your stock or mutual funds to support a specific service or agency, or you can allow your gift to go where the need is greatest.
Equipment and Personal Property
Keystone Human Services has a wide array of needs for various types of equipment and personal property to assist us in providing our programs and services. Equipment and personal property may include current computers, vehicles, office equipment, furniture, and photographic and video equipment. We can also accept donations of antiques and other tangible assets. If you wish, we can sell such assets and use the proceeds to support our work in the community.
All donations of equipment and personal property must meet the requirements in our acceptance policy and must be in good condition with a value we can apply to our needs. All gifts are tax deductible.
When you donate your vehicle to Keystone Human Services, you're providing a means of transportation for our direct support professionals to support the individuals in our programs so they have the opportunity to participate in activities and employment. Keystone accepts donations of cars, trucks, boats, ATVs and RVs. Your donation may be used in one of our direct support programs or sold and the proceeds designated for use by our programs, depending on our current needs.
Many of the men and women who use Keystone's services dream of taking a vacation. Sometimes, people living together in a community home may not all have access to equal resources or family support. At these times, we need your contributions to support the program so everyone living in a community home can go on vacation together. By donating your vacation home, rental property or time share, you can give someone the opportunity to go on the vacation of their dreams. Typically, individuals take a vacation for one week, accompanied by staff.
Gift Planning
Bequests in Wills and Trusts
Goal: Defer a gift until after your lifetime
Benefit: Your donations are fully exempt from federal estate tax and you retain control of your assets
Charitable Gift Annuities
Goal: Receive guaranteed fixed income that is partially tax-free
Benefit: Current and future savings on income taxes, plus fixed, stable payments
Deferred Charitable Gift Annuities
Goal: Receive guaranteed fixed income that is partially tax-free
Benefit: Current and future savings on income taxes, plus fixed, stable payments
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Goal: Secure payments for life while reducing market risks
Benefit: Potential increased income and tax benefits
Retained Life Estate
Goal: Give your personal residence or farm, but retain life use
Benefit: Tax advantages plus use of the property for your lifetime
Charitable Lead Trusts
Goal: Pass assets to heirs at potential tax savings
Benefit: Charitable tax deduction, favorable estate tax circumstances
Bargain Sales
Goal: Reduce capital gains on appreciated property
Benefit: Cash to pay off mortgage or other loans and charitable tax deduction for the gift portion

Learn more about Gift Planning

Your gifts are often tax-deductible, and each gift will support the men, women, children and families who use our services to be valued and contributing members of our community.

Please support the invaluable work of Keystone Human Services.

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