Join us and become a volunteer an employee an avid supporter
of all that is Keystone.

Keystone Human Services—Advancing the Human Spirit

Over 3,000 men and women are working at Keystone to open doors of opportunity for people with disabilities to live meaningful lives within the community. They have life-altering, spirit-lifting, personally-rewarding jobs. They’re all part of advancing the human spirit, and they’d love for you to join them, to join us. Be part of the change. Become a volunteer, an employee, an avid supporter of all that is Keystone. Join the global movement to welcome all people with varying degrees of dependence and independence into the community.

How often do any of us look in the mirror and appreciate the fragility of our lives? Disability is a part of the human condition. Each of us will experience disability in our lifetime, whether it’s ourselves, a family member, or a friend. Through the simple process of aging or a random accident, our lives can change and we may need support to lead an everyday life.

Keystone Human Services understands the fragility of life and is determined to advance the human spirit of all people, regardless of ability. We know that all people learn and grow throughout their lives. Some become independent citizens, while others require support across their lifespan to lead meaningful lives within their communities.

We are part of a global movement toward a more inclusive society where every one of us has a valued role to play. For over 40 years, we have been advancing the human spirit, ensuring the most vulnerable members of our society have opportunities to pursue their goals and dreams and participate in all that life has to offer.

Join us and together, we’ll find strength in recognizing our own fragility. And we’ll advance the human spirit of every man, woman, and child today, tomorrow, and the next days. Join us and make a difference in the world.

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